Artist Statement

I work between two and three dimensions, creating installations that merge traditional Nepali weaving with contemporary western materiality. 

My process is inspired by the mats I learned to make growing up in Nepal, where my mother wove mats as a part of her livelihood. Weaving in my culture is mostly an uneducated woman's job.  As a fine artist I weave with the same traditional techniques, representing the art/craft/labor of those underprevileged women.  In Nepal mats are woven with agricultural waste products; in my work I reflect contemporary western culture's waste by weaving with discarded plastic bags, bed sheets and paper.

The weaving style, distorted forms, and blend of materials reflect my multicultural identity- how I shape it and how it is shaping me.  I see myself in both cultures, woven together into the fabric of something new and different, yet somehow familiar. 

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